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Residential Cleaning

Professional janitor cleaning floor with mop in kitchen, closeup

The cleaning that you want to have completed for your property can be handled by the team of professionals working here at White Tulip Interiors Cleaning. We are the go-to team for residential cleaning and commercial cleaning. In fact, there are not any other Charlotte cleaning services that have a reputation that is as widely acclaimed as ours is. We always strive to provide outstanding outcomes, and we will ensure that we get you a feasible solution to the cleaning that you need done at your home. We have homes of our own, and this means that we know how to clean properly. We also have a lot of experience as professional cleaners that will enhance the sparkling clean results that we will provide you with.

Recurring Maid Service

Having a trustworthy and dependable maid service for your home means that you will be able to count on a team to come by every week and two and complete the cleaning tasks that you do not have time to do. Our team can ensure that you get the solution that you want, and we can also ensure that we provide you with solutions that are going to last. We are a team of trustworthy individuals, and we can cover all of the different rooms in your house. When we come by for recurring sessions, we can offer you a better rate, and we can do alternating deep cleaning tasks for you.

Pet Care

When we are cleaning for you, we will ensure that we take care of your pet when we are there. We are not going to leave the doors or windows open if that means that the animals are going to escape. Also, we will take. Extra time and attention to ensure that there are not any pet odors or pet stains around. We are thorough in this work. We know that your furry friends are a part of your family. As such, we will provide you with a solution that is going to properly align with your needs.

Residential Contracts

When you hire our team to be the trustworthy cleaners that you let not your home on a recurring basis, we will ensure that we review all of the terms and conditions for your property, for example, if you want us to clean specific rooms and do laundry, we will set that up in the terms and conditions that we establish for you. Also, we are going to be able to ensure that we provide you with specific cleaning results with specific products if that is what you would like. We like to provide customized care and attention.


You need to be able to have access to your home at all hours of the day. Our team is going to be able to come by and clean your property when you are present. Also, our team is going to be able to ensure that w work at your property within the timeframes that work best for you. For example, we will be able to provide you with an hour cleaning service, or we are going to be able to provide you with a thorough 4-hour deep clean service.

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